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The surebet /arbitrage/ is the dream of every gambler.To bet and never lose.

Upon betting all possible outcomes of the event are covered,

so despite the result the player should always win.

There is a great number of formulas for 100% coverage of a particular event and we offer over 350 of them. The point of arbitrage is to filtrate the highest co-efficients of all bookmakers for the particular event and this is exactly how your winning is formed. The winning isn't very high compared to the bet - it ranges between 1% to 15% from the bet (to beginners we would recommend the maximum of 10%). Yet, due to the fact that no risk is present /there is no risk/ there is no better way to win an assured profit.

The kinds of bets we use the most in arbitrage are Asian Handicap, European Handicap,Over/Under and the standard 1x2.

We will further examine the most simple example of 1x2.


As seen on the picture this is the game Brazil vs. Mexico.

At bookmaker Bet 365 we will bet on "win" in favour of Brazil with a odd of 1.91.
In bookmaker Betfair we will bet on "draw" with a odd of 4.20.
In bookmaker Betfair we will bet on "win" in favour of Mexico with a odd of 6.40.
Here are the simple calculations:
1.91 х 57.04 Euro = 108.94 Euro
4.20 х 25.94  Euro = 108.94 Euro
6.40 х 17.02 Euro  = 108.94 Euro
Our total bet is 57.04 Euro + 25.94 Euro + 17.02 Euro = 100 Euro, and regardless the result you will win 108.94 Euro. Your profit will be 8.94 Euro.