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The middle is a very good way to make high profits with risk of eventual low loss!

The particular here is that in order to benefit from a certain middle a precisely definedresult from the specified event might occur.With any other different result you will have a small loss!

Let's see the following example:Here the middle is if the result is draw,


in this particular case your money will be refunded for DNB1 + the profit from X

Stake RefĐľund for DNB1 = 78.26                                                                                                                        5.91x14.57 = 86.09                                                                                             Sum         77.92+85.74  = 164.35                                                                                         Stake  78.26+14.57+7.17 = 100                                                                                                ----------------------------------------                                                                                                                                          64.35

Your profit is 64.35% With any other different result you will have small loss of -13.91%

The number 3.63% is the proportion between the profit and the loss.